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SAP Mobile Computers and Terminals

Professional mobile technology to complement your SAP Manufacturing, Warehouse or Logistics operations.

Mobile Devices - Hand Terminals, Tablets and Forktruck Computers.


While many modern mobile devices can be used with SAP products such as IM, WM and eWM, care in selecting the right device can pay dividends when operations "go live". Choosing the wrong mobile device, can result in problems and confusion for users.  Even knowing what type of barcodes are being scanned and from what distance, can dramatically affect performance.

After a recent SAP S/4 Hana "Go-Live" across the World,  Graeme Mackinnon - IT Manager, Glen Dimplex (UK) said:

"We have had a relationship with Dash Computer Products for many years and they have helped us successfully deliver a number of major projects. Their technical knowledge of warehouse hardware & infrastructure is unmatched and we have benefited greatly from their experience. These guys are our "GoTo" company for warehouse devices & support".

Glen Dimplex is a major manufacturer of consumer white goods and their SAP mobile device and printer needs are complex, changing depending on what part of the business they are used in. Dash was able to propose devices that matched the needs of the business, while carefully managing costs and technical requirements. A selected mixture of devices means that all areas of the business have hardware suitable for their needs, without using a "one size fits all" approach.


Video Stories

L'Oreal SAP Warehouse - update to Android mobile devices

Dave Potts, Warehouse Manager at L'Oreal, sheds light on how the integration of new Android mobile computers from Zebra brought about a revolutionary transformation in their day-to-day operations, culminating in remarkable productivity improvements.

Twinings Teas - SAP Warehouse Modernisation

During the comprehensive overhaul of their SAP warehouse solution, Twinings Teas discovered additional advantages by transitioning to the Android OS. This migration encompassed both the mobile hardware and an upgrade to the SAP warehouse management user interface, resulting in resounding success. Alan Talbot, Projects Systems Manager at Twinings, elaborates on the driving forces behind this project and the remarkable efficiencies and benefits that Twinings has reaped across their business operations.

L'Oreal Video
Twinnings Video
Fontaine Video

Fontaine Fifth Wheel has recently undertaken a groundbreaking RFiD tracking initiative using Zebra Technologies' state-of-the-art RFiD technology, which has proven to be an exceptional success. Tony Hayes of Fontaine and Jonathan Pressley from Barcode-IT provide insights into the project's conception, implementation, and the intricate workings of the system.

If you're interested in discovering how Dash Computer Products can assist your business in selecting the right types of mobile devices for SAP integration, don't hesitate to consult our experts.

Call Nigel Holloway at 01200 441977 or send an email to

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