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Dash Computer Products provide a full range of hand held terminals and mobile computers, to power SAP operations throughout the work space, from industry giants, including Zebra, Datalogic and Honeywell.

Mobile computers and terminals are connected in "real-time" to SAP and allow the operator to complete the transaction directly into SAP, without leaving his location in the business.  Devices are fitted with powerful barcode scanners to allow data to be effortlessly and 100% accurately input into SAP by scanning product, pallet and location barcodes.  There is no middleware (translation software) required as the terminal uses an SAP mobile screen utility or SAP approved APP to guide the operator through a series of menu driven transactions at all times providing information from SAP itself and returning operator inputs directly back into SAP.

Looking to upgrade to new data capture devices, but unsure whether your existing software can be used with the Android OS used on the majority of modern devices? No problem. We work alongside companies like Ivanti, who have produced sophisticated software products that ensure Android migration is seamless and brings the mobile web interface forward to leverage the touchscreen experiences your employees expect on Android. Using Velocity Browser, powered by Wavelink, there's no need for middleware between your mobile devices and your host. Implementation is simple and fast.


Barcode-IT have developed the expertise to help you make an informed choice about the right mobile computers for your business and budget, based on usage, application and environment. You can view some of the mobile computers and wearable devices we recommend here or call us on 01200 441977 to discuss your needs or arrange a demonstration.

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