Mobile Barcode Solutions

The benefits of using advanced mobile technology with S/4HANA


  • Speeds up every transaction throughout the warehouse and supply chain

  • Guarantees perfect accuracy using barcodes and "live" SAP data

  • Removes transaction lag by posting direct into SAP, giving instant updates for other processes

  • Guided put-away and picking prevents stock errors and shipping mistakes

  • Very fast implementation time into SAP IM, WM and eWM

  • Uses the latest Mobile technology from major manufacturers


Barcode driven Warehouse and Logistics

Barcodes are widely used by most warehouse and logistics businesses to drive their operations because barcodes provide a fast and accurate way to get information into the system and to track goods through warehouse and logistics transactions. 

Modern mobile devices take SAP to your user
Barcodes are great for ensuring that data is quickly and accurately read, but until they are combined with the right mobile devices that allow SAP transactions to be completed by the worker at the point of use, the business does not see the full range of benefits.

Library of pre-built IM, WM and eWM mobile transactions

Our solution uses a library of pre-built Mobile transactions, custom designed for the latest models of Barcode Mobile Computers and terminals, that directly link to standard SAP transactions.  This library has been designed from the ground up to be Warehouse and Logistics User friendly, with a look and feel similar to the latest smart phones, so that workers immediately feel at home and can use the devices with minimal additional training.  However these Mobile transactions translate directly into existing SAP transactions without any need to make changes to the standard SAP model.

Developed and implemented in weeks not months

As long as the transactions being used in the operation are standard SAP transactions then there will be a pre-built Mobile App in the library and implementation will be very fast, often less than 20 weeks from the start of the project.  If new Apps are required or existing Apps need tweaking then this may add a little extra time for development and testing, but it will still be much faster than normal SAP development.


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