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Mobile Barcode & RfID Solutions

Advantages of Employing Advanced Mobile Technology with SAP S/4HANA

Incorporating cutting-edge mobile technology into your S/4HANA environment offers numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Advanced mobile technology accelerates various operations, streamlining tasks across manufacturing, warehousing, and the supply chain. This efficiency boost translates into faster processes and improved overall productivity.

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Leveraging barcodes and real-time SAP data ensures unparalleled accuracy in data capture and processing. This accuracy minimizes errors and enhances the reliability of your business operations.

  • Real-time Updates: By directly posting transactions into SAP through mobile devices, you eliminate transaction lag and achieve instant updates. This real-time data flow improves decision-making processes and enables timely responses.

  • Precise Inventory Management: Guided put-away and picking processes, facilitated by advanced mobile technology, lead to enhanced stock accuracy. This accuracy prevents discrepancies and reduces the likelihood of shipping errors.

  • Rapid Implementation: Pre-made mobile applications designed for SAP IM, WM, and eWM streamline the implementation process. These ready-to-use solutions significantly reduce deployment time and associated complexities.

  • Long-Term Usability: Our technology and software solutions are equipped with the latest mobile equipment, ensuring longevity and extended usability. This investment translates into sustained benefits over an extended period.

  • Incorporating advanced mobile technology within your S/4HANA environment empowers your business with efficiency, accuracy, real-time updates, and seamless implementation, leading to an optimized and future-ready operational landscape.


Barcode and RFID-Driven Manufacturing, Warehouse, and Logistics

Barcodes have evolved into a foundational technology in contemporary warehouse and logistics operations. They offer a swift and precise method for processing SAP transactions and effectively tracking goods throughout warehouse and logistics activities.


Leveraging a simplified user interface and mobile devices to extend SAP accessibility Barcodes serve as a powerful means to ensure rapid and accurate data capture. Yet, their full potential is realized when they're coupled with a well-curated assortment of WiFi-enabled devices and an uncomplicated user interface that empowers workers to effortlessly complete SAP transactions at the point of use. This integrated approach unveils the comprehensive spectrum of benefits.

A collection of ready-to-use IM, WM, and eWM mobile transactions

Our solution incorporates a repository of ready-to-use mobile transactions meticulously designed for the latest Barcode Mobile Computers and terminals. These transactions establish direct links to standard SAP transactions. Designed with warehouse and logistics users in mind, the interface resembles contemporary smartphones, immediately fostering a sense of familiarity among workers. This familiarity minimizes training requirements and operational disruptions. Importantly, these mobile transactions seamlessly translate into existing SAP transactions, obviating the need for alterations to the standard SAP model.

Rapid implementation, spanning weeks rather than months

Provided that the operations rely on standard SAP transactions, our library contains a selection of pre-designed mobile apps. Consequently, implementation is remarkably swift, often requiring less than 20 weeks from project initiation. In cases where new apps are necessary or existing ones require adjustments, a slight extension for development and testing may be involved. Nevertheless, this process remains significantly faster than conventional SAP development. Our video success stories below exemplify how other SAP-powered enterprises have harnessed our technology and expertise to their advantage.


SAP Video Stories

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