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At Dash, we have relationships with some of the leading logistics and manufacturing companies in the UK. Over the years, we have installed many different types of solutions for our customers, from barcode printing to data capture and warehouse management. A selection of recent projects can be found below:
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Warehouse Management Solution

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RFID Track and Trace


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SAP Warehouse


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Android Hardware


When Kilo Limited moved to a purpose built warehouse to store batch controlled food ingredients, their Excel spreadsheet based inventory management solution became unworkable. Kilo Ltd. implemented a WMS running on Datalogic guns in 2016 to automate their warehouse and in 2022 upgraded to the new WMS software and Datalogic Android data capture guns. Since the seamless upgrade they have seen even more efficiencies and benefits to their warehouse operation. Watch the video below for more information.

Warehouse Management Solution


RFID Track and Trace Solution

When Volvo and Daimler requested full traceability throughout the manufacturing process of their fifth wheels (the coupling between a lorry tractor and trailer), Fontaine Fifth Wheel contacted long standing partner Barcode-IT for advice. Barcode-IT recommended using RFID technology to trace products through the painting and drying process, as standard barcodes would be covered. Working with Zebra Technologies, Barcode-IT created an accurate and comprehensive RFID Track and Trace Solution that ensures Fontaine can provide their customers accurate and comprehensive data on all products leaving their manufacturing site. Watch the video below for full details.


SAP Warehouse Modernisation

Following the modernisation of production equipment at Twining's Andover factory, it became obvious that the warehouse data capture hardware and software solution also required a refresh. Twining's contacted Barcode-IT to investigate the latest data capture hardware on the market and after trialling a selection of Zebra Technologies devices, selected a range of mobile computers best suited to their business needs. Watch Alan Talbot, Project Systems Manager at Twinings, explain the catalyst for the project and benefits they have seen since installation.

Graham Brown

Migration From Windows To Android 


Graham & Brown wanted to use the latest data capture technology within their warehouse, to increase efficiency and productivity of staff members. Barcode-IT provided the them with options for both wearable and PDA style devices and assisted their move from a traditional Windows Operating System, to a more modern Android based interface. In the video below, Noel Fox explains how the upgrade has helped their business.

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