Enterprise Android in your business?

OK, so you have finally realised that Android Mobile computers and terminals are now the only way forward for most businesses using barcode scanning devices in the factory, warehouse and logistics. But what this Enterprise Android that Zebra, Datalogic and Honeywell are so proud of?

Well if you have used a mobile phone with Google Play, you will realise that your users could in theory install ANY Android Apps they want and that might not be a good thing! Lots of games, music apps, video players, etc. None of which you want your users downloading or using when they should be working.

So in addition to a host of security options and updates to keep your devices safe from viruses and trojans, Enterprise version of Android lets you control just what you want. For example, you may use a very limited set of Apps that allow your users to connect to your ERP, communicate with other workers or receive company email and Enterprise Android lets you configure the devices so they "boot" directly into your chosen application or only show icons on screen that is restricted to the companies set of approved apps.

This means that even the most advanced users of Android (and we all know some), cannot break out of your Business Applications and potentially wreak havoc with your systems and network. That are locked into your system and cannot break out into standard Android.

Another feature of Android Enterprise is that only companies that have demonstrated that their devices are rugged enough for the enterprise and who are willing to maintain the very highest standards service and support for their customers, are allowed to purchase Enterprise Android from Google. So if you see Android Enterprise Recommended on the device, you can be sure its designed and configurable for a protected Enterprise or Business environment and will contain all the tools needed to "lock down" the device to your requirements and business needs.

So if the device you are considering for your next business or logistics project is not Android Enterprise Recommended, then its just using a Mobile Phone version of Android with all the problems and security issues that inappropriate use of the device can bring.

Here at Dash Computer Products, we only offer devices that are Android Enterprise Recommended, plus we then go on to test them to our own exacting standards and make sure that they are loaded with the right set of Enterprise Apps to suit your business and ERP needs. Also as we are experts in everything about the barcode and industrial WiFi, we will also make sure that the Enterprise Mobile device you are offered is perfect for your ERP, barcode scanning needs and will roam seamlessly throughout your factory or warehouse.

For more information on Android Enterprise Recommended devices or to ask any question that this BLOG has raised, please call 01200 441977 or email sales@dashcomputer.co.uk

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