Are you using Excel instead of your SAP WMS?

I'm constantly surprised by some very large businesses who ignore powerful features of their ERP systems. In particular SAP ERP users seem to be particularly prone to misunderstanding certain aspects of their systems and then invent "off system" methods of dealing with businesses processes that they need to run the business.

This is often no ones fault, but is caused by the original SAP developer either not understanding a particular aspect of the business, or a change to a business process demanded by a customer, or new functionality introduced by SAP updates

Unfortunately the business user just wants to get on with the day to day operations and does not really understand the power that SAP has and how it can draw business critical information together to meet almost any requirement. If only you can correctly frame the question or requirement, its almost certain the there is a transaction or process available to meet the need. But if the function is turned off, misconfigured or not properly understood, then busy user will find a way to do the task "off system"

Excel seems to be the favorite "off system" tool, with complex functions and labour intensive data entry leading to results that are then entered back into the ERP, when in fact the required details may have been in the ERP all along!

A recent visit by one of our consultants to a customer running SAP S4/Hana about a new project, who just happened to have an expert SAP developer with him, lead to a conversation at the end of the meeting with one of the warehouse management team. She was complaining about the need to spend so much time slaving over her massive Excel spreadsheet to produce information for a big customer, because "its not available in SAP". Two minutes later our SAP expert had made a tiny change to the layout of one of the screens and enabled a function that presented the information the customer required instantly. "That's Insane" said our expert " its all in SAP!"

The result is that we have been invited back in to review and reevaluate many other aspects of the system, to see where SAP transactions or screens can be reconfigured to meet changed or poorly understood methods or where there is a better way of doing the process.

We could call it a Sanity Check, but in reality its just an expert in SAP working with the Users to make sure that the ERP is working for you rather than you working for it. The users understand the business processes and out expert understand what SAP can really do.

Maybe some of your Users are using Off System Tools to manage aspects of your business that could benefit from a Sanity Check on your SAP processes?

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