Industries we serve

Dash provides mobile solutions to customers from many different industries, most are driven using barcodes to preserve accuracy. We also provide a range of other services such as barcode label printing systems, visitor management and business information display. Each industry has its own needs and legislative requirements, so our experience within these sectors can be invaluable when making recommendations to provide barcode, printer, data capture and wireless solutions. Below are some of the industries we specialise in.
Dash works with many companies in the automotive industry
Motor industry and Automotive


Dash has worked with companies within the automotive industry for well over two decades. The automotive industry requires industrial equipment that can cope with 24/7 running and is very reliable, as failure for any reason is not an option and can cause major hold-ups for production. We have worked with industry giants like Bentley Motors, BMW and Mini but also work closely with the various different suppliers to automotive production. In most cases we  we supply rugged data capture terminals, fork lift truck computers and barcode printing solutions to this sector. many of our customer use SAP.

Warehouse and Logistics


Accuracy is the key to success and efficiency throughout the business, often driven by powerful ERP systems. But to fully harness the power of these systems the workers need the best tools to connect to and communicate with the ERP, which need to be rugged enough to survive in tough environments and easy to use all day. Dash have been providing the expertises to select the right devices for the applications to customer for years.


Using automated procedures driven by barcodes helps companies gain control over many steps of the manufacturing cycle with solutions for inventory control, warehouse management and work in progress. Companies using barcodes for manufacturing and logistics transactions report higher accuracy, increased productivity and better traceability within their businesses. This results in smoother workflow and  fewer customer complaints.

Food and Drinks Manufacturing and Logistics
Food and Drinks


In the ever changing world of food and drinks production and distribution, barcode identification solutions offer the best way to add important ingredient, date and storage information on labelling during manufacturing and offer practical ways to move perishable good quickly through the supply chain. Barcodes speed up data capture and eliminates error-prone manual processes that can affect accuracy and speed of orders. Currently we supply labelling, data capture and WMS solutions to companies like Caledonian Bottlers (WKD), Halewood International (Lambrini, Crabbies, etc.), CoFresh Snack Foods and many more.

Chemical - Petroleum and Oils

Chemicals, petroleum products and primary food stuffs are all major industries requiring a high degree of traceability and control in manufacturing and logistics. These industries provide many of the raw materials to other manufacturers and so quality and precision are key factors for these businesses. Often running SAP ERP systems, these businesses require the accuracy and reliability that mobile computing brings, often combined with barcode driven processes and fork truck mounted computers.


Dash has been working with a number of major businesses to provide intelligent solutions for these industries for years and understand the needs of the larger industrial manufacturer.

Healthcare systems use barcode and data collection systems
Manufacturing and Logistics
Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies require their systems to provide full traceability and must conform to strict controls and regulations. Barcoded systems enable pharmaceutical companies to produce a record of every process during manufacturing and clever barcode labelling software  ensures that data produced on drug labels is accurate and has a full audit trail. Even though this is a complex industry,  Dash's Dexterity Warehouse Management Solution has been successfully implemented into companies like Tillomed and Kay's Medical to manage the inventory and ensure full traceability, using the latest technology and powerful software.