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SAP Integrated Label Printing

Professional barcode label printing solutions for industry, warehouse and logistics

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The NiceLabel SAP label printing solution offers a swift and user-friendly design process. Label templates are created using the modern WYSIWYG label design package, NiceLabel Pro. The SAP-certified ABAP program, designed by NiceLabel, retrieves all variable field data from the chosen transaction within SAP and converts it to XML. This XML data is then utilized to populate the fields within the Label Template, and NiceLabel subsequently prints to the designated printer. The printed data is then fed back into SAP, concluding the transaction.

The true strength of this solution lies in its efficiency in developing new labels or modifying existing ones. Once the SAP transaction is associated with the NiceLabel template, the design work is conducted within the NiceLabel design interface. This interface boasts a user-friendly resemblance to MS Office, making it easy to navigate. NiceLabel comprehends the distinct rules governing barcodes, and it provides wizards and pre-made templates for a broad spectrum of widely-adopted "Industry Standard" labels. This includes support for GS1, SSCC, EAN, AIAG, and ODDETTE label formats, as well as compliance with Chemical and Pharma standards. This encompasses Chemical safety icons and both 1D and 2D barcodes.

In addition, the solution accommodates color and specialist label printers, so there is no requirement for SAP Zebra printer drivers, as NiceLabel drives label printers of all makes and models. It's worth highlighting the close collaboration between Zebra and NiceLabel, with NiceLabel actually developing all Zebra printer drivers. This synergy ensures seamless integration and enhanced performance between Zebra printers and NiceLabel's software suite.


To see firsthand how an advanced SAP-certified label printing solution can transform your manufacturing, warehouse, and supply chain label printing, Call Nigel Holloway on 01200 441977 or email

Here is an example of a 2D QR barcode that can carry an amazing amount of data.

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