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Produmex WMS
for SAP Business One

Key Hardware

Zebra MC9300

Zebra MC9300 Freezer 

Zebra MC3300

Zebra TC72/77

Supporting Software

Ivanti - Velocity for Android

Wavelink - Industrial Browser

Xtralogic Android client

NiceLabel PowerForms

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Produmex WMS is one of the most trusted global WMS (warehouse management system) products for small and mid-sized businesses running SAP Business One. As an industry solution to manage inbound & outbound logistics functions and offering business-focused functionality supporting distributors & manufacturers to meet customer, industry, and regulatory demands. Much of the efficiency gains are driven by the use of advanced mobile devices and the use of barcodes, which become a critical part of the Produmex solution.  Dash Computer Products has become a key consultation partner for the supply, configuration and installation of mobile computers and terminals to maximise Produmex efficiency.

Produmex works with a huge range of Mobile computers and terminals, but selecting the perfect device for your operations can be complex and require a knowledge of your business and a full understanding of what type of barcodes are used and how your business will be using them.

A number of Produmex users have come to Dash after purchasing unsuitable mobile devices, or been unable to configure them to work with Produmex.  The technical team at Dash have a deep understanding of industrial WiFi, Mobile terminals and barcodes, with years of experience in the use of then with SAP B1 and Produmex.

Selecting the correct mobile data terminal for Produmex WMS may seem like a simple buying choice, but although the base operating system can be the same, many different aspects of the device can make or break a successful implementation. We have worked with many SAP B1 customers to ensure that the mobile device exactly fits the customer needs and the needs of the client software that connect to Produmex. From the barcode scanning range to the screen size and the working environment, we carefully advise the team of the best device configuration and set-up to meet their needs.

GS1-128 Label.PNG

Many WMS transactions involve the use of barcodes, so we ensure that your mobile devices and barcode label printers are capable of meeting the international standards required by most suppliers and customers.  An example is the GS1-128 pallet label shown here, which requires a deep understanding of the complex rules laid down by the Global Standards Authority (GS1) to ensure you incoming goods and outgoing products meet the standards.

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‘Since partnering with Dash we have enhanced our offering to our customers. Their technical expertise in hardware and infrastructure adds great value to our software solutions.’

John Palmer - Sales Director


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