The smallest, lightest, wireless, wearable 2D barcode scanner

Well they say that small is beautiful and when it comes to wearable tech that is certainly true. If an operator has to wear a tool or device for their entire shift, then it better be almost unnoticeable.

In the modern production facility or warehouse/logistics workspace, barcode scanning has become the normal mode of operation. Barcodes are a fast and foolproof way to enter product or any other type of data into a modern computer system, as part of the workflow, but can be bulky and dificult to handle while completing tasks.

Now Datalogic have introduced the "HandScanner", a back of the hand "glove" style barcode scanner that performs with the best on the market.

HandScanner is a perfectly packaged bit of kit that combines a tiny but powerful 1D/2D barcode scanner with an extra long-life battery (15 hrs). The scan button is perfectly positioned under the thumb and support both left and right handed use. But because its so light and such a low profile on the back of the hand, it soon becomes a natural hand movement for scanning and does not fatigue the worker.

Complemented with the latest "low energy" bluetooth, the HandScanner can connect to any mobile device or PC, to deliver direct to the WMS or ERP system.

Standard range and a mid-range barcode scanner options, both using megapixel sensors, provide exceptional scanning performance.