NiceLabel V10 is now shipping

NiceLabel, the award winning label design and management system from Loftware, has been upgraded to Version 10. All of the products - Designer Express, Pro and Powerforms retain the look and feel, but the LMS ( Label Management System ) and Cloud products have had a complete re-write and a now present a management interface and reporting console that is more user friendly and intuitive.

In addition, all NiceLabel windows drivers have been re-written, improving functionality and performance. Plus the Windows drivers can be deployed to workstations from the Web interface for LMS and Cloud products, removing the need to install drivers directly onto workstations and servers. In addition the LMS or Cloud administrator can manage the printer drivers from the web management console, rather than logging onto the workstation or server. This gives control to authorised web users only and removes the problem of workstation users changing critical printer driver settings, which can affect the quality of printed labels.

Please visit our dedicated NiceLabel web site for further information or demo downloads.