NiceLabel 2019.3 Major improvements and significant new features

A new version of NiceLabel Designer 2019 ( 19.3 ) have been released and this has introduced some major improvements and significant new features.

One of our technical support guys have sifted through the changes and has written a documents that highlights the most significant changes.

NiceLabel 2019.3 update
Download PDF • 1.10MB

Its important to understand that Designer Pro is the Design engine for all of the "professional" NiceLabel products and forms the foundation for PowerForms, LMS, Pro, LMS Enterprise and NiceLabel Cloud. So the features shown will be available in all these products too. For further information or to learn how NiceLabel could power your business call the sales team at Barcode-IT 01200 441977

Written by Tony Greenwood

Tech Support at Barcode-IT

& Dash Computer Products