Label Printers. Its always the little things...

Our top selling mid range thermal printer, the Sato 4NX has just had an update. Not that you would know to look at it, as all the enhancements are either invisible or too subtle to be obvious to the casual observer. But with label printers, as with many other technology devices, its the little things that make all the difference to the person who actually uses the printer. Higher print speed, faster processor or larger label roll size, don't mean much to the worker. But a wide opening print head or a mechanism that does not cause "ribbon wrinkle" are the little things that make the user love their label printers.

Fortunately the new Sato CL4NX plus, has all the big features and all the little features too, so the business gets the benefits of the higher speed and amazing print quality and the worker gets the the clever design that makes his day to day operation of the printer frustration free.

Plus they both enjoy the amazing build quality and attention to detail that makes the Sato CL 4NX the best printer we have ever sold!

Call today and start reaping the benefits of replacing your tired old label printers with the new Sato 4NX Plus.