Finally a migration route for SAP and IBM Host Terminal Emulation. TekTerm for Android

TekTerm has been the TE ( terminal emulation) of choice for Big ERP users such as SAP and IBM Host applications 5250, 3270  and VT for years and years.  Often running on older rugged mobile terminals from Intermec or Psion, this application gave direct ERP access to mobile devices without any special software client.

But Tekterm only runs on Windows mobile devices and now that most manufacturers only support Android, it left many ERP users trapped with no where to go.

Now a joint project by Zebra and StayLinked (a major player in the terminal emulation market space) is about to be launched, offering a direct "plug and play" replacement of a range of Zebra industrial mobile computers, such as the Zebra MC9300

Zebra Technologies’ TekTerm TE for Android™ will offer existing users a 10 minute set -up with zero changes needed to the ERP or Host back end.  This will allow legacy host systems to use the latest Android kit from Zebra, without having to face the trauma and upset of any changes to the ERP at all.  Many IT and Ops people will breath a sigh of relief  as devices such as the Psion XT15 and even older Intermec mobile terminals, can finally be replaced with modern Zebra Android kit.

Due to roll out in November 2019, book your demo now to see how your warehouse or manufacturing system can benefit from the latest Zebra devices, running on your existing ERP platform.

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TekTerm for Android - Ideal for Psion XT15
TekTerm for Android - Ideal for Psion XT15