Barcode equipment availability problems

For the last 6 months, getting your hands on barcode and mobile data collection devices has been somewhat hit and miss. With many popular devices manufacturers suffering from component shortages due to the shutdown of suppliers throughout Asia, systems integrators who need mobile devices and barcode printers to power ERP and WMS have had to become very creative when ordering goods for customer projects. Very few distributors have everything needed in stock, so orders are split between whoever has items in stock or may be substituted for slightly different models, that may have different keyboards, barcode scan engines and accessories than the usual orders dictate, but are actually available.

In one case last week, a distributor had Zebra 84 devices in stock on Tuesday and by Wednesday had sold out. Barcode label printers are even more difficult to source, with many models unavailable until the end of April 2022!

If you have a project on the go, we would advise that you try and place your hardware orders as soon as the project starts. Even a few days of delay can result in no devices being available and a stalled project.

Who could have foreseen that the COVID pandemic would have created such worldwide shortages to industry and commerce!

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