RFID - coming to a warehouse near you?

RFID was a big deal 20 years ago, when it was hailed as the Next Big Thing in retail and logistics. Sadly the technology and its implementation was defeated by European Union meddling with Radio Frequencies, unrealistic expectations about how the technology worked and a lack of joined up data collection systems that would allow RFID tagged goods to smoothly flow along the supply chain.

However, RFID is still an amazing technology and many businesses have properly investigated its use and advantages and have created applications and transactions that use RFID to its maximum capacity, while circumventing its challenges.

Recently there has been a Renaissance in RFID use in warehouse and industrial, with companies such as Nordic ID and Siemens Technology, offering businesses cutting edge RFID solutions and expertises that allows seamless integration into existing ERP systems such as SAP S/4HANA or SAP eWM.

For example, you want to add the reading of RFID encoded labels and tags into your current ERP system. Previously you would have to consider replacing all your existing mobile and warehouse technology with RFID enabled kit. The cost was outrageous, but the bigger issue was that RFID terminals were woefully lacking in capability and often not fit for use in warehouse and industrial workspaces.

Now you can add Nordic ID RFID readers to any Bluetooth enabled Mobile device, Windows, Android or IOS and from any device manufacturer or ERP system. Plus a range of in situ RFID "portals" that allows the automatic reading of RFID tagged pallets to flow between different areas of the business, or to receive RFID tagged pallets at Goods In.

One novel use of RFID is at Porsche (VW Group), where prototype vehicles have all components RFID tagged and during testing, the car is simply driven through a portal to identify the current set of components in the car. Automotive manufacturers routinely swap out components during testing and keeping a track of which components are in which test car is now achieved with zero errors.

To discuss if RFID can transform your business, talk to our consultants, who will quickly be able to offer advise on if you can benefit from the latest RFID technology.

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