Sato 4NX Multi-tasking Barcode Label Printers

One printer to replace them all!

This is a new definition of Plug & Play Barcode label Printers

Sato 4NX - Smart Barcode Label Printer emulation

When it comes to barcode label printers many companies end up with different makes and models, from old systems, previous suppliers or changes in ERP systems. This makes life difficult for IT and Logistics departments who struggle to manage the printers, but who can't alter legacy systems software to take advantage of new and more reliable label printers.

​Enter the Sato NX range of 4 and 6 inch barcode label printers, that have such amazing printer language emulations allowing simple ‘Plug and Play’ and work as replacements for old Zebra Datamax and Intermec models. The NX will even take exactly the same label and ribbon media, with no concerns about proprietary brands and matching label/ribbon combinations.

But consider this scenario. Lets say you old data system only supports Intermec (or Zebra or Datamax) and you new ERP prefers Zebra. This could mean that you need two sets of printers to support the old and new systems. The Sato NX with "smart" printer emulation will support multiple printer languages, allowing the benefits of new and more reliable printers, while still printing labels from the old system and able to print labels from the new ERP.​

And if you wanted to really test the NX, you could print from BOTH systems to the printer via the LAN and the NX will intelligently switch from one system to the other by examining the data and swapping printer emulations on the fly.

​Oh and just to add icing to the cake, the Sato NX has as standard all types of interface, serial, parallel, USB and ethernet. So even if your legacy data system used an obsolete interface the Sato NX with still be the perfect replacement for old and new ERPs!