Sato NX - The future of barcode label printers.

Enter the Sato NX range.

But occasionally a new model will stand out from the crowd and offer a performance or specification leap that make it head and shoulders above the rest.

For less than the price of a midrange Zebra ZT or similar printer, the NX offers an amazing mix of advanced features and clever thinking that sets the standard. Its fast, but so are all printers today, it has excellent print quality, and it takes standard labels and ribbons from any of the current makes and models of label printer. That means you can swap this printer in without any change in media.

But it's the attention to detail in the operation of the NX that makes the difference. As well as its own excellent Sato printer language, the NX offers label printer language emulation for all of the major manufacturers. Running costs are reduced by having truly operator replaceable print head and platten and everything is designed to make working with this printer easy. The wide and deep label loading mechanism, the easy change waste ribbon spool, the multiple interfaces, LAN, USB, Blue-tooth and if you have legacy systems, serial and parallel (just in case).

And if you are worried that your workers might have trouble using this cutting edge printer, panic not. The Sato NX range features a full colour display that is easy to follow and navigate. Plus it can display a number of on board self help videos that show the operator how to do most tasks, from loading the ribbon to changing the print head (easy by the way).

The whole printer is designed to make life easier.

  • Easy for the Purchasing Manager, its the right price

  • Easy for the Operations Manager - its Plug and Perform

  • Easy for the Factory Manager - Its really tough!

  • Easy for the User - its super friendly and simple to use

  • Easy for IT - same interface and same software.

All this make the the Sato NX 4 or 6 inch printers a much better replacement for the now obsolete Zebra Z4M and ZM 400, than the ZT range with is much less rugged than its predecessors. It will plug in with the same interface and use the same software and even use the same ribbons.

See the Video Here - Sato NX range

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