Seen on TV - DLoG and Printronix

We were all glued to our televisions this week watching BBC's Car Building Live from the BMW Mini plant in Cowley. As well as being an interesting program, we were trying to be the first to spot technology products that we supply to the BMW-Group.

DLoG MTC 6/10

The first was DLoG truck computers, of which we have supplied and installed a huge number. The ones spotted were on the small tug trains delivering parts to the track side. Each tug has a DLoG MTC6/10 connected to the master SAP system which controls the "just in time" that Mini use.

Printronix T5000 barcode label printer

The next was a Printronix T5000 series barcode label printer, spotted at Final Departure, just before the cars are loaded onto transport. The Printronix T5000 barcode label printers are very widely used in the Automotive industry and are the most reliable printers we have ever sold. One was recently found happily working after 14 years of use. The customer did not even know they owned it until the head needed replacing. Its still working!

Finally someone spotted a quite rare printer now, the Printronix P7000 series line matrix printer. These dot matrix printers are used to print the large "How to make Me" documents fixed to every car on the production line. Printronix line matrix printers have been used to print barcode and large text documents, since the 1980s and still in use in most car factories even today. Very rugged and very cheap to run, the P7000 ( now replaced by the P8000) will work for years in a factory that would kill a laser printer in a few weeks.

Printronix P7000 line printer