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Control Centre Pro - from Nicelabel

Barcode and product labels are on everything these days and are often pre-printed on the packaging and looked after by the marketing or packaging dept. This is a good thing as the packaging guys understand the importance of getting this detail right and go the extra mile to check and double check that the barcodes meet the industry specifications.

But many other barcode labels need to be produced in both the manufacturing and logistics areas of most businesses and often little attention is paid to the quality, security and readability of barcodes on carton, box and pallet labels.

And its not just barcodes that managers need to worry about, the text information on the labels can be just as important too, with many industries now under legal obligations to ensure the accuracy of the information on the label, particularly where it can impact human health and safety. So many Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and other regulated industries need to control the data, processes and security of the printed labels and then keep a full audit trail of the labels printed and used in production and distribution.

Example Unique Device Identification Label

NiceLabel have engineered Control Centre Pro to deal with these complex requirements, so that production workers get correctly printed labels with as little fuss as possible, while ensuring that all regulatory requirements are observed.Control Centre Pro works in conjunction with NiceLabel PowerForms to manage every aspect of the label printing process, making sure that only the correct data is allowed on the label. Then Control Centre logs every part of the printing process, creating an audit trail, which is a requirement of some Regulatory Authorities.Other important features are:

  • Full Version and Approval Control of label designs

  • Centralised label and document repository

  • Full Revision History

  • Full Traceability - who printed what, when, with what data and to which printer

  • Total Printer control - with groups, errors, scheduling and managed print queues

  • Re-print control for labels

  • Centralised client licensing

All this is run from a Web front end, that can be administered from any standard computer with login and password access. Control Centre Pro is not for small businesses printing everyday product and shipping labels, but for multi-site operations or any business that produces labels for regulated and mandatory products in the Chemical, Food, Drug or Medical Device industries. Label printing may seem trivial, but product recalls because of incorrect barcode and product labels, cost industry Millions of pounds every year and the fines from Authorities and Customers, plus the disruption to manufacturing and logistics, should not be under estimated. If you are serious about Label printing, take charge with Control Centre Pro.

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