Printronix Print Cart - Power to Your people!

Printronix PrintCarts have recently been chosen by a luxury automotive manufacturer based in Cheshire, to provide workers with a viable mobile printing solution. Currently using Printronix T5204rES printers, the customer had a requirement to print durable, thermal transfer labels that could not be provided by popular, wearable printers like the Zebra QLn.

Following on-site testing of the PrintCarts, 4 have been purchased for use in the manufacturing facility. The PrintCarts are rugged print workstations that allow full-size, thermal tranfer labels to be printed anywhere within the facility. With up to 20hours continuous use from the on-board battery, the PrintCart is the ideal solution for industrial manufacturers.

Mobile computing on the factory floor has become increasingly important in the fast paced, "just in time" world that we all live in, with many workers using portable barcode terminals to receive instructions and complete transactions. Mobile printing on the shop floor is also very important and many new wearable printers are now available to produce tickets and delivery labels. However some labels required in the manufacturing process, need to have a longer life, some up to 25 years and these can only be produced using good old Thermal Transfer barcode label printers. The downside to this printing process is that it requires a full sized label printer using 240v mains electricity, which sort of defeats the mobile concept.

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