Printronix T2n barcode label printer

Printronix have been making Industrial barcode label printers since before barcodes were invented and have always been the trusted printer supplier to many huge organisations who need the most reliable and rugged label printers. But companies like VW Group and Walmart-ASDA also need not so rugged printers to, for the areas of their business where the printers still need to be reliable and the labels need to be the best quality, but the volumes of labels is low and a T5000 printer would be over kill.

So, enter the Printronix T2n. A perfectly make little work horse of a printer, built to satisfy the needs of the big Enterprise businesses, but at a price that makes them amazing value for light industrial and retail customers?

The T2n offers both Printronix and Zebra coding support, so that the T2n can replace any Zebra printer with a 4 inch print width, or of course work in conjunction with Printronix T5000 and T4m printers.

All T2n come with thermal transfer and ethernet as standard and can accept industry standard labels and ribbons, making it the perfect replacement printer at a bargin price, without the need for special media.

The T2n is a tough 4 inch wide printer with a cast aluminium chassis and a robust printing mechanism, perfect for printing jobs where the operator is busy and needs to pay minimal attention to the printer. T2n printer just get on with printing perfect labels time after time.

For more details about the Printronix T2n look here T2n Info Page or call our sales team now for a price that will amaze you, on 01200 441977

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