NiceLabel Upgrade required because of end support for XP

Microsofts anouncement that support for Windows XP is now finished, is prompting many companies to re-evaluate all desktop PCs using XP as they could now pose a security risk for the whole company.

Many users running older NiceLabel software versions are finding that it is not possible to run these old version on modern Windows 7 (64 bit) and Windows 8 platforms.


Fortunately NiceLabel 6, the current version, is fully backwards compatible with older label designs and Forms, so the upgrade path is very simple. Plus the latest version contains many new features and enhancements as well new products designed to be used in production environments.

To find out what your best upgrade path is please check out the link below or call our Sales Team on 01200 441977

NiceLabel Version 6 products include:

PowerForms Desktop

PowerForms Network ( multi-user)

Designer Pro



Control Centre Pro