Skorpio x5 - mobile computers

Datalogic Skorpio X5  a rugged mobile terminal for every Enterprise requirement

Great user experience

The new Skorpio X5 enables warehouse, logistics, manufacturing, and transportation companies to reach new levels of reliability and flexibility. This ultra-fast, high-performing key-based mobile computer has the largest multi-touch display in the market giving operators great visibility and enhancing performance.

Powerful Android and Superior performance.
The Skorpio X5 features the latest Enterprise Android and superior CPU power, for lightening performance with ERP systems such as SAP ERP and eWM. The Skorpio can run native ERP applications, browser or remote desktop and dedicated mobile application.

High performance barcode scanning.

The latest generation of barcode scan engines, specifically designed and developed by Datalogic, include a unique Mid-Range imager and 2D Extra-Long Range (XLR) imager options. With these rugged tools, workers can immediately read any barcode, in adverse conditions, such as poor light or damaged barcode labels.

Born Rugged

The Skorpio X5 is a fully rugged PDT that resists shocks and works in the harshest environments. Skorpio X5 withstands multiple drops up to 1.8 m / 6 ft onto concrete and is hermetically sealed against dust and protected against water with an IP65 rating. It belongs to the “Android Enterprise Recommended” program, as specified by Google in terms of hardware, software and support and Gorilla Glass® protects the display against accidental damage. All these attributes make this rugged device particularly suitable for mobile commerce solutions in Industrial, Warehouse and Logistic applications.